About Us

We're a community of passionate entrepreneurs eager to support fellow visionaries. Our mission is to connect entrepreneurs with like-minded founders, potential business partners, investors, and service providers to expedite the launch of their projects. Our goal is to furnish entrepreneurs with valuable insights and information drawn from the experiences of others, helping them sidestep common pitfalls that many newcomers encounter when embarking on their entrepreneurial journeys.



Founders Looking emerged in early 2024 after considerable development efforts. However, our commitment extends beyond the initial phase. In the years and decades ahead, we are dedicated to evolving it into the paramount platform for entrepreneurs.



Assist as many entrepreneurs as we can in kickstarting and bringing their brilliant ideas to life. By doing so, we aim to contribute to societal well-being and empower them to make a meaningful impact in the world, turning their dreams into reality.



Empowering a multitude of entrepreneurs to catalyze their visions into reality, Founders Looking is the catalyst for the launch of thousands of innovative ideas, fostering a dynamic community of forward-thinking creators and achievers.

Our Services

Founders Looking is a comprehensive social network designed to unite founders, investors, and industry professionals, creating a collaborative space where dreams and passions can flourish and come to fruition. In addition to our vibrant social network, we offer a suite of services tailored to empower aspiring entrepreneurs.


Helping entrepreneurs navigate the challenging world of starting up and overcome the hurdles in their way.

Venture Capital

Funding entrepreneurs or helping them get the funding they need to get started and to keep running.

Technical Services

Helping entrepreneurs to build the websites or mobile apps they require for their business or project.