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Welcome to Founders Looking! Our aim is to keep things straightforward and user-friendly. The terms outlined here govern your use of this website, and it's essential for everyone using the platform to acknowledge and agree to them. We've made the terms as uncomplicated as possible for easy navigation and understanding.

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General Terms

Welcome to Founders Looking, a platform designed to connect aspiring entrepreneurs, founders, and business partners. Before you dive into the exciting world of entrepreneurial collaboration, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions.

Purpose of the Platform:

Founders Looking is dedicated to fostering meaningful connections among individuals interested in starting or growing a business. The content shared on this platform should align with this entrepreneurial focus.

Prohibited Content:

Users are strictly prohibited from posting or engaging in discussions involving adult content, violence, political discussions, or any content unrelated to the realm of starting and growing businesses. We aim to maintain a professional and business-oriented environment.

Account Removal:

Founders Looking reserves the right to remove any content or account at its discretion, without providing a detailed explanation or reason. This action may be taken if content violates our terms or if it is deemed detrimental to the community's business-focused atmosphere.

Reporting Violations:

Users are encouraged to report any content or accounts that violate these terms. We rely on our community to help maintain a positive and productive environment.

Compliance with Applicable Laws:

Users must comply with all applicable laws and regulations while using Founders Looking. Any illegal activities or content will result in immediate account removal.

User Responsibility:

Users are responsible for the accuracy and legitimacy of the information they share on Founders Looking. Misrepresentation or misleading content may lead to account removal.

Modification of Terms:

Founders Looking reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Users will be notified of any changes, and continued use of the platform implies acceptance of the updated terms.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns about these terms, please contact our support team at support@founderslooking.com.

By using Founders Looking, you agree to abide by these terms and contribute to creating a vibrant and supportive community for entrepreneurs.