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Join other founders and entrepreneurs and connect with people that can help you reach your dreams. Connect with other founders and share ideas and strategies of how to get ahead. Learn from other people that have been in the same boat as you find yourself now. Gain knowledge and experience from industry leaders.

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Signing up on 'Founders Looking' is incredibly easy and takes just a minute to complete, including email confirmation. Once confirmed, log in to find your pre-created profile, ready for your personal touch. Easily customize and display your own information in no time.

We've dedicated significant effort to ensure seamless accessibility, allowing you to reach your destination with just a couple of clicks—efficiency at its best. Our application is designed for speed, mirroring the simplicity of a desktop app, with all actions conveniently unfolding on a single page.

Create engaging content others will like

Empower your presence on Founders Looking by crafting engaging posts and projects. Introduce yourself and share your ongoing initiatives through posts, while projects serve as a dynamic platform to spotlight ventures where you seek assistance or investment.

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Once your setup is complete, seamlessly explore our directory or stay updated by following posts on the front page. Delve into the profiles of fellow users, fostering connections with individuals who can contribute to your projects or support your dreams.

'Founders Looking' is your gateway to connecting with individuals who can propel your startup or contribute to the growth of your existing business, taking it from inception to expansion and beyond.

Build your Dream

Armed with the right individuals in your network, a clear vision, and a steadfast determination to achieve your goals, you can bring to life the plans you've been nurturing. Discover valuable insights through courses, videos, and books that guide you in making informed decisions for the success of your business and your future endeavors.